Going on a family vacation with your kids can be challenging especially if you are trying to keep a good diet track. There are several fast food outlets on almost every major road sides, gas stations and each beach has its’s own signature ice cream spot whispering your name, but all these are combinations of unhealthy foods awaiting dispersal. Be it air or road trip, it has always been advised to have loads of homemade snacks with you especially when traveling with kids, so as to have a smooth journey without any tummy upsets. Homemade snacks are delicious, tasty, durable, healthy and most importantly save you costs while on the trip. These snacks can be used for your summertime beach weekends, camping, tours, vacations to mention a few. The essence of these homemade snacks is to have something the family can always try out for themselves while planning a trip. Some homemade snacks you can try out for yourselves are listed below:

1. Baked Muffins

When planning your family vacation, holding a healthy snack such as the muffin should be something you should always picture. The kids always love this particular treat when packed with fruits, oats, and yogurts. Baked muffins is always a go to treat because it can be served as snacks and also breakfast while on the road. I personally love baked muffins because they can be prepared before the trip. You can also be creative while making it by adding some of your own personal ingredients to give it a flavor your child loves.

2. Avocado Egg Salad Sandwich With Sliced Celery

Having this delicious treat will make any family vacation or picnic look like a connoisseur’s get together. The avocado adds a creamy texture with healthy fats to the dish while the sliced celery makes it crunchy. Just make sure the sandwich is ready before you head for the trip, and have the salad packed in a bowl or a container. Do not forget to go with your bread; bon appetit.

3. Peanut Butter And Veggies

Unlike the creamy dips made from diary products which are only suitable for short journeys, simply because they must be kept chilled at all times, the peanut butter dip differs because it can stay longer and goes wholly with sliced celery, carrots etc. It can be easily packed in an empty jar or container. You can also try it with some garden products, bread and cookies, but trust me it is something you will definitely continue even after the trip and vacation.

4.Homemade Tasty Popcorn

Without mincing words, popcorn should be on the list of snacks you should add to your trip menu. Popcorn can be served especially when going on a long road trip as it is generally known as a great snack for boredom. Popcorn is a light and nice snack loved by both the old and young ones. Popcorn can also be shared during picnics and vacations. You can also make it deliciously taste different when spiced up and by adding your child’s favorite flavors. All you should be concerned about after the trip is cleaning up the interiors of your car but hey, it’s all fun!

5.Cheese And Fruit Skewers

If you are one of those that worry about dips messing up your car seats, this particular snack is what you should give a try. One thing I have always fancied about this particular snack is it’s colouful and beautiful look and it’s richness in protein and vitamins, which you kids need during the trip or while on a vacation. It is an adorable and creative way of making your kids fall in love with fruits and snacks. You can be creative enough by involving your kids in the process of helping you to craft those shapes to what they like. While on the road, it is a fun way of getting your kids to eat a protein packed treat with the fruit of their choice on top of it. It can also be tried when at home or having a leisure time with your kids.

6. Fruits And Nut Trail Mix

Trail mix is still one of my favorites in terms of travel and vacation snacking, simply because i can control the ratios of nuts and ingredients for the mix. This mix can be made before the trip and it can stay fresh for days. I personally love putting my trail mix in a big jug, but you can try a bottle which is even better for shaking. It is a healthy fun snack which can be be given to the kids either on road or in the air. It can also be served during family picnics and vacations. If you or your kids are the type allergic to nuts, you can always do away with the cashew and peanuts and get cheerios and nut-free granolas instead. You can also incorporate some healthy fruits to the mix to make it more healthy, but the selected fruits must be the ones that will not get spoilt easily in days.