Hello Lovelies, today I am bringing you one of my ‘mum saviours’ and the store I order most from online. There is such a huge selection on this site that it makes my life so much easier that I don’t need to leave the house to pick up Mikaal’s necessities. From basics for Mikaal every day (like diapers and wipes), some little treats, Mikaal’s favorite toys, nursery accessories and even things to help me get into the holiday spirit. (Quick tip: if you spend over 200 AED you get free delivery). The best part is that delivery is super quick and the customer service is very helpful in case you have any questions or even if you decide to make returns.

Mumzworld Shopping Haul

Below I am listing some amazing things that we have ordered from mumzworld this month:


Comotomo Natural Baby Bottle

I was breastfeeding Mikaal full time up until he was around 14 months old and then it was time to transition to a bottle as he wouldn’t stay without me and it was just getting so difficult at times when I was not available. He would just refuse any bottle. I tried a lot of brands available in the market, but what truly worked for us was the Comotomo Natural Baby Bottle.

This bottle is designed to mimic breastfeeding and really has been a saviour for Mikaal and I.  This silicone bottle is soft and sqeezy unlike other hard plastic bottles, and has a skin like touch and feel. Mikaal loves these bottles now and I replace them every 3-4 months so this is our top purchase from mumzworld.

Marcus- Marcus Palm Grasp Spoon and Fork Set

Marcus & Marcus Palm Grasp Spoon & Fork set was designed with little hands in mind. I really find that Mikaal can become frustrated with the longer fork & spoon set and this can make meal times harder work than they need to be. Marcus-Marcus have shortened regular fork and spoon sets and have turned the handle 90 degrees so the utensils will fit more easily into a toddler’s palm grip. This makes self-feeding easier and much more enjoyable for Mikaal before transitioning to a regular Kid’s fork & spoon set.

Melissa & Doug Chunky Puzzle Safari Animals

I am a huge fan of Melissa & Doug Toys as they make playtime super fun and at the same time help develop fine and gross motor skills. Mikaal is so obsessed with animals these days and this Melissa & Doug Puzzle Chunky Animals is just perfect for keeping him busy while I get some chores done.

African animal favorites are featured on this extra thick wooden puzzle. Eight easy-grasp, chunky wild animal pieces have a full-color, matching pictures underneath. The animal pieces stand upright for pretend play. It is just perfect for the little hands of the young ones and Mikaal really loves it. We usually order Melissa & Doug toys from mumzworld. I will list down some of our other favorite edutainment toys on another blog soon!

Prince Lionheart Step Stool

Allowing Mikaal get up to our height is important as it can sometimes prevent me having to carry and lift him. This lightweight Prince Lionheart Step Stool is sized just right for toddlers and also has a weight capacity of up to 75 pounds. There is a non-skid feature on the bottom of this which is such a key benefit for me. The textured grip steps add extra security allowing me to relax a little when Mikaal is playing around. This is a saviour when the little ones insist on doing tasks that are at a height and difficult to reach for them, like brushing teeth, washing hands, or just helping mum with the chores.

Brush Baby Go-Kidz Electric Toothbrush

We started the brushing routine very early for Mikaal when he was around 8 or 9 months old. He now wants to hold the toothbrush and mimic us by insisting to brush on his own, however, he is only 18 month old so is still a bit young for tooth brushing on his own but I do feel that it is important to get it into his head in the hope it makes all of our lives easier as he gets older.

This Brush Baby Electric Toothbrush really does make tooth brushing an exciting task for Mikaal. It comes with 36 holographic stickers so kids can style and personalise their own little brush. One more great feature is that it comes with a brush head cover so it keeps the brush clean which is very important for the hygiene. The brush head is also replaceable. The bristles are designed for small and delicate mouths so nothing will put our toddles off and the 2 minute timer can turn this bedtime routine into a party!

Eco Rascals – Toddler Bamboo Suction Plate & Spoon

Baby led weaning had not really worked for us in the beginning but I am slowly working towards it as Mikaal now insists on eating on his own.

This Eco Rascals Bamboo Suction Plate & Spoon set is a saviour. It includes a bamboo sectioned suction plate & spoon for baby & toddler led weaning. The plate is sold with a detachable silicone suction base that prevents kids from tipping it over, so yes you can expect lesser mess!

I love this product because the bamboo is organic, recyclable and biodegradable.

These are some of my favorite products from Mumzworld this month and I hope these come in handy for you too. I have also linked below some other useful products that I purchased over the last few months and found really helpful at making mom life a little easier at times.