Today I am talking about one of Mikaal’s favourite subjects…snacking!  There are so many foods on the shelves loaded with preservatives and sugars, we have to be so careful what we are feeding their little bodies.We as mommies would always want to give our kids the healthiest homemade snacks and no doubt they provide the most nutrition but let’s face it, we all have toddlers who love store bought snacks. Also we don’t always have the time to make snacks at home. For these times, when we are picking up a store bought snack, we have to make sure that these snacks are not filled with junk and that they provide good nutrition for our little bubs.

Our Favorite Brands Of Go To Snacks For Toddlers

Lucky for us that we live in a place like Dubai where we have such amazing organic brands easily available in the market. I like to keep it balanced for Mikaal and I try to give him a balanced mix of healthy snacks which include whole fruits, homemade snacks and also store bought organic brands. 

So here are some of my favorite brands that I allow Mikaal to snack on.


One of our favorite brands is ORGANIX.
Mikaal absolutely loves the Organix goodies.They have a motto of ‘no junk’ so I know he is getting all the goodness he needs. Their toddler snacks come in lots of fun shapes and tasty flavors for them to explore. 

Some of Mikaal’s favorite Orgabic Goodies include:

Ella’s Kitchen

This is another one of our favorite brands. It offers a range of tasty, natural and healthy certified USDA organic foods for babies and kids, which are handy for moms and dads and fun for little ones. They claim to use only organic ingredients and avoiding extra salt, sugar and preservatives.

Mikaal’s top favorites snack from Ella’s kitchen include:

These biscuits are perfect for throwing in your handbag and carrying around in case of emergencies. This box comes with 12 individually wrapped biscuits and the box normally last me for weeks! They also serve as amazing finger foods for teething.

Mikaal loves these unique flavored and fun shaped melty hoops, which as the name suggests, melt in the mouth. Again these make amazing finger foods for teething babies and toddlers.

Sprout Organic

We love this brand because it believes that a meal is more than nourishment. It’s a chance to inspire and grow together. They are committed to introducing an early love of healthy, whole organic foods to children. Their organic blends are minimally processed and made only with ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen: whole fruits, vegetables, and grains, never preservatives or anything artificial.

Mikaal’s favorites from this brand include:

This is on top of our list. Mikaal refers to them as CANDY :p He thinks it is candy because of its sweet taste and crispy and chewy texture, but I know that it is a healthy snack made with organic ingredients; so it is a win win for both mama and baby. I usually treat him with one of these when he does something good like helping mama with clearing up his toys. 

Crisped whole grain rice, fruits and vegetables are blended together in this delicious, chewy fruit snack. Made with a full serving of REAL fruits and veggies and a soft, crispy chewy texture that is enjoyable for toddlers to eat, Red Fruit Beet & Berry Crispy Chews is perfect for little fingers learning to pick up and self-feed.  It comes in clear pouch packaging.

Sprout Organic Carrot Mango Quinoa Puffs are the perfect baby snack! Made with non-GMO, organic whole grains and blended with just the right amount of fruit to keep your baby coming back for more, Quinoa Puffs are easy for little fingers to pick up and hold, and soft enough to dissolve quickly in their little mouths. You will love treating them to this delicious snack, and your baby will love showing off their independence!

These Carrot Apple Teetherz are great for when we are out and about and Mikaal starts to get restless.Baked with organic jasmine rice flour and real fruit and veg, these teething wafers are gentle on gums and have a soft, quick-dissolve texture that melts easily in the mouth. I love that they come in 15 individually-wrapped 2 packs (30 total) making on-the-go snacking easy.


HiPP offers products for toddlers that are specially balanced for their nutritional requirements. They are formulated based on recommendations from nutritional science and all ingredients are strictly controlled. 

Our favourite from their range is Organic Raspberry Rice Cakes. These gluten free cakes of goodness are a favourite in our household. Packed with natural sugars, 100% organic rice and organic raspberry juice, Mikaal loves these as a sweet treat. 

I would love to hear feedback on any of the snacks you have tried or if you have any hidden gems of your own please comment below.