Hi mamas!

Hope you had amazing summer holidays! The holidays have finally ended and it’s ‘Back To School’ season again. It seems like yesterday that the holidays just started. I won’t lie, I was so worried in the beginning just thinking how we will pass the hot summers in Dubai, especially since we had no travel plans. But now looking back, it wasn’t that bad and we did explore so many fun indoor activities that Dubai has to offer for kids.

The fact remains that although the summer holidays have ended, Dubai hot summer isn’t over yet! And we will still continue to look for indoor play areas for kids in Dubai until the weather gets a little better for outdoor fun. So I thought of sharing with you mamas some of our favorite play areas in Dubai that we enjoyed during our adventures in the summer.

Top Summer Indoor Play Areas in Dubai

If you are new to Dubai or are looking for fun and interesting places to take the children when it is too hot for them outside, I have just the places you should add to your bucket lists. I don’t know about your children but Mikaal just loves to be free and really enjoys playing and interacting with other children. As he is the only child at home, I try to take him to places where I know he can be around other children and make friends.

Cheeky Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys is a multi-award winning edutainment soft-play area for kids. It provides a stimulating environment where children and parents can meet to play, learn and celebrate.

One thing I really love about Cheeky Monkeys is that they pay close attention to limiting children’s screen time and be more active in an old fashion fun-filled play, that’s something I find really important. It provides a fun place for kids to run around and be free with other children. Mikaal can seek so much life adventure and development in this environment.

I have wanted to take Mikaal to this place for very long, but never got a chance until this summer. Cheeky Monkeys has been one of Mikaal’s favorite soft play areas during the summers. There are so many things to explore here. Mikaal loves the toddler area but I often find him running to their famous curvy big slide. I am not exaggerating but he can stay here for hours without missing me :p So the first time I went with Mikaal, he made me run so much I surely made up for my missed workout for that day. It was a great bonding time for us though. The cafe here is quite big with lots of healthy options for the kids. It is a great place to catch up with your mommy friends for a cup of coffee while the little ones are in a safe and fun environment. The café is also good to catch up on work, I sometimes take my laptop to finish off small outstanding tasks.

Cheeky Monkeys is also an amazing place for birthday parties. It has several branches across Dubai and UAE. They have recently opened their new branch in Downtown Dubai which offers plenty of fun activities for toddlers.

We purchased the membership booklet which has 20 vouchers for 2 hours of play each, and these can be used at any of their branches, valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


MyGym is a kids’ gym where kids learn gymnastic skills in a fun and safe environment. It is a concept that I really love. This concept was born out of passion to teach children in a fun, physically engaging environment and that is exactly what it does. It is a place where I can watch Mikaal achieve some milestones in his development and the friendly environment encourages him to play and make friends. Every child here feels loved and supported so their self-esteem and confidence can really flourish.

I have been taking Mikaal to MyGym since he was just 9 months old. Out of all the classes that he has been to, this place is his favorite. To be honest it is my favorite too because of the fact that I get some ‘mama and me’ bonding time with Mikaal. If you have been following us on Instagram, you must have seen how much Mikaal enjoys this place, and how far he has reached in only such a small age. MyGym has a structured program and it is based on the child’s age. The program and activities change every week, so the kids can learn new skills while having fun. Apart from the structured classes they also have free play several times a week where kids can interact and play with different age groups in a fun and safe environment. All of their classes are monitored by very skilled staff.

We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym

We really love to visit this ‘play with purpose’ indoor play area in Dubai. Not only is it fun for Mikaal, it is a kind of sensory hub. All of the equipment is designed to stimulate the brain therefore as they play they are learning too. Mikaal really gets a full workout when we take him here which is fab for keeping him fit and healthy. There is an adult gym right above WRTS so we can let him play with the other children whilst we have a mini work-out of our own. They also have a café offering healthy snacks and it is a good place to catch up with other mommy friends over a cup of coffee.
They also have birthday parties so if you are stuck for ideas you should check this place out.

Oli Oli

Oli Oli is a must visit children’s museum where the children can play, have fun and also learn along the way. I had heard about this place so much and always wanted to take Mikaal there but I was wondering if he is too young for the place. To my surprise Mikaal had a blast and he was super excited to try out the different activities they have! I would say his favorite was water play. We kept it for the end and it was difficult to get him out of there 😀 Oh and did I mention that he was so tired he passed out right on our way back home in the car (he is usually not the one who easily sleeps in any place except his room as he is so full of energy most of the time!)
I would recommend that you spend a good 2-3 hours exploring this place as they have around 8 different areas. From water to lights there is just so much for the children to see and do. It should definitely be on your list for one of those hot summer weekends if you haven’t yet been there.
Also a small tip regarding the entrance fees (as I have heard some people say it is quite expensive) if you keep an eye on their instagram and facebook they sometimes do discounts so keep your eyes peeled.

Mattel Play! Town

Mattel Play! Town is a magical, safe, and interactive indoor edutainment park for children between ages two and ten and it is conveniently located in City Walk. It is a magical world that allows kids to live and play in their favorite worlds created by Mattel! There are five themed zones that focus on different social skills and educational elements through imaginative play. Think Barney™, Thomas & Friends™, Bob the Builder™, Angelina Ballerina™, and Fireman Sam™, are all represented through live shows, play areas and other activities.

This is a place that we wanted to take Mikaal since some time but he was still very young to enjoy the place. Just recently he discovered Barney and fell in love with Barney TV shows. Right around that time we got lucky and won 4 tickets to this magical world through an Instagram competition by Qidz. We did not waste much time and quickly planned our trip to this magical kingdom. Honestly I was more excited than Mikaal 😀 We spent around 3 – 4 hours in this magical play town and Mikaal enjoyed most of the activities but his favorite remains Barney! We were lucky enough to watch the Barney show. Surely we will visit this place again!.

Le Petit Palais Dubai Mall

A little piece of France for the children, Le Petit Palais is situated in the relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere of Galeries Lafayette (Dubai Mall). This place is a beautiful French like children’s town full of fun, happiness and laughter. It is an innovative concept that provides interactive edutainment and developmental experience for little ones.The cute little toddler town boasts a real like supermarket, a beauty salon for your little pricess, a fuel station, a little cinema, little vehicles along the paved streets, and many more adventures for pretend play.

The candy store in this French playtown displays variety of party giveaways, apparel and accessories for kids, as well as delicious treats.
It is fabulous as we know rest assured that we can let Mikaal stay to play and be guaranteed that the time that he spends here will be thrilling and engaging while we get some time to browse around the stores. Always a must go to when you are in Dubai Mall

Caboodle Dubai Mall

Caboodle provides a safe environment for kids to discover imagination, creativity and fun through soft play, dress-up, themed crafts and games which are all designed to promote physical, social and cognitive development.

I love this place because we do visit Dubai Mall quite often and I find that Mikaal tends to get easily bored when I am shopping or meeting up with friends. At caboodle, you can leave your little ones for baby sitting with their highly trained staff and they are sure to keep them entertained. Their soft play areas are always open for drop-in play during regular business hours, offering parents the flexibility needed with young children.

This is a great place for moms when we need some time to do some shopping. This is a safe place where we can leave the children and pop into the mall for a little bit of ‘me’ time. You can also enjoy a snack or a hot beverage in their Caboodle Cafe while keeping a close eye on the kids while they play.


I have most of these places covered on my story highlights “Summers” on Instagram. These are some of the places that we tried during the summers and Mikaal really enjoyed. We always love trying new places so if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear from you!