Hello lovely mamas! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Good thing we have passed half of the summer holidays, but the other half still remains :p And as we are talking about summers, we all know the struggle when it comes to keeping our children entertained indoor.

If you are a mom to a toddler, you should know how difficult it is to keep them entertained and busy indoor. Although at times, we all rely on anything that could just keep them busy for a while so we could peacefully sip on that coffee, but it is also important that we choose the right toys for our lil ones. When buying toys for Mikaal I always try (where possible) to make them somewhat educational. Of course it needs to be fun but I do want him to learn as much as he can whilst playing.

Our Favorite Toy Stores in Dubai

I often wonder why some toys Mikaal just loves and others he can take or leave, are your kids the same? We love to test out new brands and toys in the market and we do tend to purchase most of our toys online but I also prefer to take Mikaal along to choose his favorite toys. I will talk you through some of our go to stores:

Early Learning Centre

A world wide trustworthy store that stocks a host of different brands; from Mattel to Fisher Price you will always find a way for the kids to learn from the toys here. Early Learning Centre is the perfect place to find edutainment toys. If you have younger children, this should definitely be your go to place as it is aimed at under fives and offers a range of items that will help stimulate imagination and develop your child’s key skills.

There are many stores around Dubai such as; Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches and Marina Mall. We love taking Mikaal into this shop as the toys he selects often tend to help him learn and play and this is so important for us.


Visiting Hamleys is an experience in itself. Every time I walk in, I only wish I could return to my childhood days. Luckily when I am with Mikaal I can still channel my inner child every time I walk in here.

So each time we go to Dubai Mall it is like Mikaal has a sixth sense :D. He knows Hamleys is in this mall and he loves it! I could literally leave him in the store for hours and he is so fascinated. This store is pretty magical with how they can bring the toys to life. Because the store is so bright and attractive Mikaal will get lost in here for hours.

The staff are always very helpful and let him play with some of the toys they have on offer.

Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us is the world’s leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer. This will remain my favorite toy store from my childhood. It feels like I am hit with powerful waves of nostalgia every time I walk in this magnificent store.

The flagship Festival City store stocks an unrivalled range of toys, games, sporting goods, electronics, software, baby products, children’s apparel and furniture all under one roof.

I love the Babies “R” Us department which offers a wide selection of products for newborns and infants, including apparel, baby gear and furniture as well as day-to-day essentials like diapers, wet-wipes, lotions and creams. This section was a savior for us when Mikaal was just a few weeks old.

The Toy Store

The Toy Store has become a much loved household name within the UAE. It represents a memorable shopping experience for children to explore, in a safe and secure environment.

The Toy Store really is our one stop shop; it has everything you need for the little ones. You can buy online or in store but be prepared to stay a while if you have the little ones with you. They have a variety of brands and range of children’s games, collectables, puzzles, traditional toys, and more; so you are likely to find what you are looking for quite easily.

The costumer service and presentation of the store are also phenomenal.

Elli Junior

If you are looking for a brand that offers not only luxury and style, but also aims for a broad and long-term environmental approach, you need to check out Elli Junior who are a distributor in the region for Swedish gifts and toys. Each item is very high quality and make for lovely gifts. If you have family or friends’ baby showers or birthdays coming up I would highly recommend having a look on their site.

Elli Junior offers a range of toys, bedroom and home decorations, gifts and clothing so there is a huge variety to choose from and everything is super stylish.

I am a big fan of Elli Junior products and I often find myself scrolling through their beautiful range to get ideas and inspiration for Mikaal’s room.

Kiddos Toys Club

This is an innovative new toys rental concept in Dubai. If you have been following us on Instagram, you must have seen how Mikaal loves his monthly package of amazing edutainment toys that he received from kiddos.

This is a brand close to my heart as they are not only providing fun and age appropriate toys to the children, but they are helping the environment too. The idea is to reduce the number of toys wasted and save money on buying toys.

The concept is fabulous; a selection of toys is delivered at the start of each month for your children to use and play with, Kiddos then come back at the end of the month to collect these toys and deliver some new ones. When the toys are returned they are professionally cleaned with the newest equipment to kill 99.99% of the bacteria. These toys can then be re-used by other members of the toys club.

This is such a great concept because I am sure you can all agree that children get bored of toys too easily and they just clog up our homes and cause clutter. This concept helps the environment, teaches the concept of sharing and saves money.


I love finding new places to shop for Mikaal so please comment below if you have come across anywhere I should try.