Hello mamas! I am covering this topic today as I can closely relate to it. The truth is, at one point in time we all have been there while some are still there. We all go through a time when we feel overwhelmed by this whole mommyhood journey, so rest assured, you are not alone.

Try These 7 Things When Overwhelmed By Mommyhood

At times, it could be during the day when the tasks and responsibilities of your work is so cumbersome that sometimes you ponder and conclude that there is no way out of the whole scenario. And at other times, it may be when you come back from work and see a scathered room, or a huge pile of laundry, or an uncertain dinner plan, which makes you think you have failed to do your job as a mother, believing the only solution is to quit your job so you can be in charge of these things.

It could also hit you when the day has come to an end and you get your first silent time, but everything is marred by the thought of the next day’s brouhaha, leaving you breathless. Whether you feel overwhelmed at home, at work, with your little ones or when you are alone, the feeling is usually heavy and depressing. It generates the sense of lack of control over almost everything you can imagine.

As we have been taught on ways to approach and pacify a toddler trapped in emotional overwhelm, we too can do things to assist ourselves pull out of it too. These things are what can help us conquer the feeling of lack of control, and in turn make us to be conscious of the current moment and the actuality of the circumstance, and they are:

You will always get over it, all is not lost, and lastly, it is for a short time.

So when next you have that overwhelming feeling, when you feel heavy and your breath is shallow, and you feel like bursting into tears when asked if you are alright, you can attempt one or all of the listed things below to capture and pick yourself back up.

1. Try Closing Your Eyes And Breath

One of the main indications of an overwhelmed soul is lack of control – doing more things than you can look after be it house chores, emotions or work. The fastest way to tell yourself that you can control this feeling is to take total control of your breath. You can simply shut your eyes and have 10 deep breaths. Keep count while inhaling and exhaling, and try to clear your mind by thinking of nothing asides your counts. Continue the process over and over again, till you finally feel safe opening your eyes without feeling terrified again. The deep breath and counting method is specifically of help mostly when in a toddler tantrum. it makes you not to be emotionally hooked up in their ruckus but instead initiate a quiet atmosphere. If it does not work, you can at least know you enjoyed a brief meditation right in the midst of the whole ruckus.


2. Try Moving Your Body

The easiest activity to do when feeling overwhelmed is to discharge yourself from such circumstance and move around. If you cannot walk around, you can at least move your neck or shoulders, or better still do a body stretch. If you are in the office, you can take a walk down the stairs or the parking space. Just try anything to clear your head and get your blood flowing properly.

3. Take A Glass Of Water

Overwhelming can be triggered by dehydration. Personally, I become prone to snap at people around me on days i take less water. So I will advise you, fill up your cup and drink water even if you are not thirsty. You must drink purposefully, carefully and mindfully. Your main thoughts should be narrowed on the glass of water and how you are to swig the fluid.

4. Check Around And List Things You Are Thankful For

There is a general saying that ”gratitude increases happiness”. Listing the good things around you should be an easy thing to do, and do not overthink it. Take a good look around yourself be it your room or maybe your day, and instantly list things you are thankful for. It may be the opportunities your job opened you to, your family’s health insurance, down to the little things such as the lipstick or fragrance you are wearing, or even the fact that you are enjoying good water.

5. Try And Erase Some Tasks From Your To-Do List

If your overwhelmed emotional state is triggered by things you want to do in life, the best thing to do is to try and tackle your list. Often times we tell our inner self about things we need to do but in reality, there is no time for it. So try to slow things down and in the end you become more creative, compared to when you want to accomplish everything making you miss out on details and complete tasks with trivial efforts.

6.Write Your Own Ta-Da List

It is very common for people not to give theirselves well deserved credits for things they do everyday. If the things you did were just getting up from bed, brushing your teeth, having your bath and even fixing breakfast and so on, those are actually incredible things that you have done. Try taking a look at the lists of those things you have done for the day and whisper “ta-da” to yourself with a big smile on your face, but be careful someone may be looking 😉

7. Try Scheduling Some Downtime For Yourself

Most times when we have a lot of things going on, it becomes very hard to give ourselves the break we want. We create the mentality that this is “work season” and gradually cut off anything fun and things begin to go down. You need to figure out some downtime for yourself. You need to give yourself a break, and this propels more motivation to do better and even plan more downtime for yourself ahead.